Our Crowdfunding Mission


We wish to build a processing facility, here in the North East. Providing an all encompassing service to our suppliers & all year round supply of wild game meat products to our customers.


You are invited to help part fund this ‘For the Love of Game’ project. You are able by pledging your support through one of the many rewards we have available for you.

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Who we are...

A small team with BIG ambitions. Whether we are recreational, roving, or syndicate guns with an interest in quarry species for shooting. We all have a responsibility to make sure what shoot enters the food chain.

Making a difference...

By working alongside keepers/stalkers/ghillies, industry specialists and the general public we have already demonstrated how a cohesive circular economy can thrive. Who knew, thirteen years ago, that baking game pies would lead here?

Every one in ‘The Team’ loves what they do. From trading at markets to speaking out at AGM’s, everyone here is doing their bit to make sure you can do your bit – providing the finest British game spp (feather and fur) to your local game dealer.

Supporting local business

By working alongside our affiliate shoots. Supplying to both business and retail trade. We quietly underpin seasonal local tourism.

We have reached over 7,000 people with Taste of Game recipe leaflets. These are updated every season and are a joy to use. Unsuspecting rugby tourists, volleyball teams and football touchlines have proven to be invaluable when it comes to engaging children to eat game. Scotch eggs to sausage rolls with heaps in between. Children vote with their stomachs.

During our many adventures we have come across some other, independent producers. From chili sauce to picallili and autumn chutneys. We do like to hook up and share what we find.

Our creations…

For years we have been working around the clock, to keep wild game meat in the picture through a range of delicious products.

Our crowdfunding plan

We are looking to secure £45,000 from the crowd, (you!) In order to start the next phase of this small business.

We have asked YOU because we believe we are all accountable for what happens to the produce we grow and eat. We will never be able to personally thank you all, but we’ll try.

Help us reach our goal

We have created a list of pledges with rewards to tempt you! If you wish, you can make a donation without a reward, just a big thank you from us!