HADRIAN’S Game Larder

 We are currently closed and unable to fulfil orders due to a lack of supply of our main game meat and ingredients. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can help you further.

Delicious Wild Game Products

hand made to order and available online…

We have been involved in the game industry for 20 years as: butcher, game farmer, baker, gun and small scale processor. We believe, wholeheartedly, in actively supporting a community of like-minded groups and individuals with one simple aim:

‘To make sure game comes into the food chain via the proper channels and to add value where we can’.

Our Crowdfunding Mission 2020

As well as selling a range of delicious wild game products we’re on a mission … a mission to build a game processing facility in the North East.

The Finest, Freshest Ingredients

Every pie and terrine we produce is made with love and care. We cook in small batches once a week to ensure orders placed before midnight on any Sunday will reach you before the weekend (5 days from order to delivery).

It is what it is – delicious, traditional, quality wild game produce. We hand make all the pastry, we mix all our seasonings, and we support local artisan producers.

Our Products

Working with affiliate shoots across North East. We know the hard work that goes in to producing a quarry that eats well, (endless hours of checking birds, feeding and keeping an ever constant eye on changes to their environments). We have kept our menu small this season. In time, we will add some of our tried and tested products.

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