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We wish to build a processing facility, here in the North East. Providing an all encompassing service to our suppliers & all year round supply of wild game meat products to our customers.


You are invited to help part fund this ‘For the Love of Game’ project. You are able by pledging your support through one of the many rewards we have available for you.

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Who we are...

Silver Sheldon has been working within the game industry for 20 years, and with the Hadrian’s Game Larder team for the past seven years as well as peddling street food ‘For the Love of Game’. Collectively we have endorsed eating Wild British Game wherever we have been able.

We have worked at county shows, street events, private dining, corporate days, worked with our representative organisations as a trade member cooking up simple game dishes, supported children’s ‘catch and cook’ days, as well as thrown a few foodie parties of our own!

Making a difference...

Having been in the game industry for 20 years as butcher, game farmer, baker, gun, small scale processor. We have noticed we can make a difference to both our customers and our suppliers by processing game ourselves.

We believe, wholeheartedly, in actively supporting a community of like minded groups and individuals with one simple aim: ‘To make sure game comes into the food chain via the proper channels and to add value where we can’

Supporting local business

We are currently working with many of the best shoots, estates, and food and drink manufacturers in Northumberland. Between them they provide us with everything from our premium wild game, free range eggs, flour and  chutney products.

By supporting locally we are not only assured of the finest and freshest fully traceable ingredients, but also helping to cement Northumberland’s reputation as a producer of high quality and innovative foods, as well as playing a vital part in boosting the area’s economy.

Our creations…

For the last seven years we have been working around the clock, to keep wild game meat in the picture through a range of delicious products.

Our crowdfunding plan

We are looking to secure £45,000 from the crowd, (you!) In order to start the next phase of this small business.

We have asked YOU because we believe we are all accountable for what happens to the produce we grow and eat. We will never be able to personally thank you all, but we’ll try.

Coming Soon…

We’ll be shortly launching a brand new crowdfunding initiative with a list of pledges with rewards to tempt you! To find out more about this please send us a message.

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